I don’t regurgitate the same social media advice you’ll hear all over the

I test ALL ‘o the strategies and teach what’s worked for me, based on years of hard won experience in the trenches. 

Selling on social (without being salesly). Producing content with cut-through. Attracting (the right) followers. And converting those followers into clients and customers. That’s what I’m here to help you do.

I leave the fluffy stuff to the other guys [there’s plenty of them out there].

I don’t regurgitate the same social media advice you’ll hear all over the interwebs. I teach social media that SELLS, no fluffy stuff. 

But every story starts somewhere, right? So, here’s mine. 

So I quit, and booked a one way ticket to South America. I travelled. I moved to London, and continued working as a lawyer – but it never quite fit. A few years and life experiences later, I decided that marketing was a ‘thing’ I wanted to do.

Once upon a not-so-awesome time (aka 2007), I worked a 9-5 as a trainee lawyer. Thing is, I was more hooked on MySpace than I was with preparing court documents.

Want the long version of my Story? Get it here.

Luckily, it suited me.

The next 10 years were spent working with some of the biggest brands in Australia (think Red Bull, the Queensland Reds and one of Queensland’s biggest real estate brands), fine tuning a niche in social media marketing.

Over and over, I experienced the power of good socials and a strong content marketing strategy in completely transforming the businesses I worked with.

But on the other hand? I saw small businesses spending their time on the wrong things. Obsessing over the tools and followers. Ignoring the S word [STRATEGY, guys]. And struggling to stand out.

It became my mission to change that. 

And so, Stevie Says Social was born. 

That the BEST marketing doesn’t feel like marketing [ads and interruptions? So 2001].

That with a little strategy and know how, social media can be SIMPLE and NOT a time suck.

That there’s no time for the fluffy stuff. If you’re not selling with social, you’re wasting your time [we’re a business here, not a hobby]. 

That EVERYONE needs to know the straight up, no BS strategy behind how this stuff all works. Even if you want to outsource.

That if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

Attitude is Everything. Summer is a state of mind. Good Vibes. Enjoy your life and your work. Inject a little fun into everything you do. Make it simple. The only

Attitude is Everything

Summer is a state of mind

good vibes

Enjoy your life and your work. Inject a little fun into everything you do.

make it simple

The only thing that’s rocket science, is rocket science. 

Be a good human

Honesty + integrity is number one.

Go the extra mile

Do the [hard] work. Go over and above. Add personal touches in a digital world.

On Inspiration...

Do it your own way and inspire + help others to do the same. 

Legacy matters

Make a ding in the universe.

Intelligence is sexy

Be unapologetically intelligent. Learn something new every day. 

My Personal + Biz Values

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Attitude is Everything. Summer is a state of mind. Good Vibes. Enjoy your life and your work. Inject a little fun into everything you do. Make it simple. The only

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"Stevie is THE holy grail of social media advice!

Learning about social media advice was so important to me, and I jumped at the opportunity to learn from Stevie after listening to her AMAZING podcast. We came up with a complete marketing plan, it has changed my whole business and it’s one of the big reasons that my business has moved forward so much in the last six months. Working with her really joined the dots for me.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Stevie enough! If you aren’t working with her, you are missing out on amazing information."

Joanne Eleanor — Calligrapher, Calligraphy En Vogue

"Working with Stevie consisted of learning the in and outs of Facebook advertising by actually creating them together. I found this much more helpful than reading a guide on google. She showed me how to create ads that would be most appropriate for my business and the type of audience I wanted to reach. 

She also helped me come up with a social media strategy to help set me apart from others in my industry and to drive real business and clients for the studio through social. As a result, I now have consistent enquiries and new clients coming through the door."

Alex Richardson — duo pilates

"I started following Stevie on instagram and could not stop reading her captions! They were completely captivating and I felt like she was talking straight to me! So within a week, I had Stevie helping me out with copywriting and finding my voice to speak to our audience in an authentic way. 

Fast forward 6 months and Tribe Skincare's instagram has completely exploded. We now have 16K+ well targeted followers who engage with the brand and most importantly are buying from us!"

Kayla Houlihan — Tribe Skincare

"Stevie helped us on two fronts, firstly she helped us to execute a product launch and more specifically she executed a Facebook Advertising Campaign to support this launch. 

Stevie helped us to warm up an audience with one of our blog posts and from that we learnt the value of selling to a warm audience who’ve already had a few touch points with our brand. 

We have no hesitation in recommending Stevie. She’s not only incredibly savvy and smart (and a good egg) but she cuts to the chase, which you would know if you’ve listened to her podcasts."

Jacqui & Helen
— Two Girls and a Laptop

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